The Benefits of Tea

he tea is a thousand years old drink, rich in antioxidants and not only. Some of these drinks have naturist applicability, while others fight for preventing several affections and diseases. Whether they are recognized or not by the traditional medicine, the tea is always popular.


They are extremely active molecules that help the human body to get rid of the free radicals produced in excess. They form naturally because of processes that involve oxygen. In certain conditions, these molecules have the tendency to gather due to extra production or due to the lack of antioxidants. The most favorable conditions usually are ageing, recovery from a long period of stress, recovery from several diseases. The fact that the tea acts as a neuroprotector makes the most promising subject of research. Because it is extremely rich in antioxidants, the tea has interesting proprieties with positive effects on intellective functions. Scientists noticed that the subjects who passed over the age of 65 and who usually drink tea are less affected by brain ageing and neurodegenerative diseases, such Alzheimer or Parkinson. Obviously, these results obtained in the intellective field cannot be regarded as universal rules; they are expected to be confirmed by other studies.

Tea consumption reduces the level of cholesterol and destroys fats and because of that, the mortality from cardiovascular diseases is lower among those who usually drink tea. Mortality is reduced with 23% among women who drink at least five cups of tea per day.

The Benefits of Tea:

1. It prevents ageing, especially that of the skin. This discovery led to a multitude of cosmetic products based on green tea.
2. It fights against cardiovascular diseases because tea limits the formation of atheroma plaque, accelerating the arterial draining process.
3. It diminishes the negative cholesterol level (LDL), favoring positive cholesterol.
4. It prevents smelly breath as well as dental decay.
5. It fights against cancer.
6. It prevents anemia.

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