Health with natural treatments

The level of sexual desire changes along life under the influence of a series of emotional and physical factors such as: stress, disease, birth, the relation between partners etc.
Therapies based on natural products can improve your general health status, keeping you in the right shape.

Human behaviour differs from person to person and it is exactly the same in the case of sexual appetite. A low sexual appetite is not exactly a reason to worry as long as the couple is satisfied with this situation and they come to a common agreement.

The important thing is that both of the partners are satisfied with their sexual life.
People at all ages may suffer from sexual problems but as they get older, these problems seem to be more prominent. Older man may be confronted with erection problems while women at menopause may not feel the need of a sexual intercourse due to the hormonal changes that take place in their bodies.

There are a series of natural treatments which may come as a help for those in need and we are going to present three of them : aromatherapy, phytotherapy and a diet based on natural ingredients.

  1. Aromatherapy. Certain natural oils such as ylang ylang oil improve the feeling of sensuality and relaxation. Rose petals oil is known for its capacity of improving sexual desire. In order to install a feeling of calm and harmony you can mix 4 drops of ylang oil and santal wood or you can simply put 4 drops of rose petals oil into a recipient under heath. You can also perfume you sheets with some drops of essential oils. Avoid smoking and the excessive use of alcohol.
  2. Phytotherapy. Certain types of tea can be of great use:
  • women should drink in the evening a cup of raspberry tea.
  • for relaxation both men and women should drink a cup of chamomile tea.
  1. Diet. An unhealthy diet , poor in vitamins is probably the reason of a low sexual appetite and that is why people should include more vitamins in their diet.

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