Obesity Factors

Obesity appears as a consequence of a multitude of factors which interact: genetic factors, environmental, psychological and social factors.

Genetic factors:

Researchers proved that there are series of genes which lead to obesity. It is estimated that around 30 – 50 % of the fat in our body is made trough genetic mechanisms. It was also noticed that hereditary factors play an important role when it comes to some dimorphic types of obesity.


From the types of changeable factors, it is obvious that alimentation is the easiest to change.
It has been proved that too much food leads to the increase of fat in the organism. The strong appetite is influenced by a series of factors among which : psychical problems, brain lesions, etc. Another incriminating factor is the consume of alcohol.

Sedentary Life:

One of the most influential factor is the lack of physical exercise. The long hours at the office, the constant use of cars or other means of transport can lead to obesity.

Secondary obesity:

By secondary obesity we understand obesity which occurs as a consequence of some disease and which disappears after the disease has been cured. Secondary obesity may be the cause of hypothalamic disorders (hypothalamic lesions due to surgery, brain tumors etc.) or of endocrinal disorders (such as Cushing disease).

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