From where comes the fear of having babies?

Giving birth to a new member of the family doubles the responsibilities and puts a limit to your personal freedom.
Forty years ago, it was normal for the couple to anxiously wait the birth of a new member of the family. Nowadays, most of the fertile couples do not want to have babies because they find it really hard to give up their old habits so that they could face up new ones. There is also an increasing number of women who choose to be carrier-women rather than mothers.

The decision of not having babies is differently motivated from a couple to another. The birth of a child implies a lot of changes in your life. You cannot afford anymore to work after the schedule, to go on holidays or to plan the free time without first thinking of the baby’s sake. PregnancySo, many couples base their decision on the fact that they do not especially love children pleading the fear of not having to live the hard times that other couples pass through in the first three months of the little baby’ life. Meanwhile, other women state that because of their daily activities as dry nurse, medical aids or preceptress have spent too much time around children, they consider that they are too tired to experience the same things with their own kids.
In most of the cases, the couples’ fear of having children is explained by the lack of experience and the avoidance moment of replacing the old habits with some new ones.

A child represents a life commitment. It is a full responsibility you cannot get rid off when you got bored or when you just cannot handle it anymore. Many couples avoid this moment because the birth of a baby presumes a doubling of responsibilities and a restriction of personal freedom.
In the past few years, it is certifiable the tendency of the couples in postponing the moment of conceiving a baby due to the change of The professional fulfillment leads the options top, as much for satisfying personal needs, as for a better circumstance, which can assure a safe future for the baby.

Specialists advise those who experience this fear of having babies to analyze their future, both individually and within the framework of the couple, to analyze the actual life of the couple and last but not least to analyze themselves to see if they are ready or not of having a baby or if they really do not want to have one. The partners have to balance the pros and cons of the actual situation, but also those brought by the coming of a baby in their life and just then make the final decision.

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