Friendship is what keeps you healthy!

Those persons with an active social life have fewer chances to fatten and to suffer from depression.
A research made by Australians for a period of ten years show that friends can help you live longer, forbear from obesity, depression and heart diseases. Surround yourself from persons you know from your childhood, but also make new acquaintances that is the advice that specialists give us!

A friend that you know since sixteen helps you not to forget those crazy adventures you experienced when you were both teenagers. This type of friends reminds the facts that you are still the same person as always. They also know your family and they saw you becoming an adult.

New friends do not have prejudices in what concerns your person. They have a new and fresher way of thinking and being. Another advantage is that they can help you meet new people. This kind of friends can even help you get a new job or life partner. You may never know!

It is good to have a friend who shares the same passions or hobbies as you, such as: walking, golf, reading, dancing. These things are the best things you can do for your health and soundness.

People who belong to different communities are more optimistic. A research made by specialists from Duke University Medical Center show that those who regularly go to church or make meditations have a 50% lower risk to die than the other persons of the same age and health condition.

It has been proven that those people who take care of younger people, who cook for others or recount their life experiences are happier than other persons. That is why a younger friend can refresh your mind and soul once in a while.

A friend that shares your thoughts, feelings and situations will be very close to your heart and he will know how to comfort you when you are feeling down. And now that the Christmas holidays are coming make sure that you will remember each and every one of your good friends !

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