Stress – The most terrible disease

A research realized by the Psychological American Association, quoted by WebMd shows that the stress level is growing more and more.
The research reveals that the work place, the money, the family responsibilities and health problems are the main reasons that cause stress.

European researches show that Romania has the higher European value in what concerns the stress.

We will point out a few solutions concerning the stress treatment:

  1. First you have to figure out how you react to stress. Every person is different which means that stress affects her in a distinct way.
  2. Identify the stress sources. What kind of events or situations make you feel stressed?
  3. Pay attention to those signals that reveal your stress condition. If you become irritable, you lose your energy, you cannot focus anymore, you have headaches or you feel muscular tension, then you are stressed.
  4. Find beneficial ways of controlling stress: practise sports, medidate, socialize.
  5. Take good care of yourself: eat healthy and correctly, sleep sufficiently, drink a lot of water and again practise sports.
  6. Ask for help: accept your family and friends’ support. If you still feel handcuffed because of stress, it would be better and recommended to go and see a psychologist.

We are aware of the fact that each and every person has a different sensibility at stress and a certain threshold endurance. So try to adapt the given solutions to your personality and do not forget to smile.

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