Benefits of Social Media Detox

Social media is often called “the disease of the 21st century”, and there is a solid reason for such a name. Many of us usually hang out on various apps, check out others’ pictures and thoughts, and absolutely lose track of time. Sometimes we can waste so many minutes and even hours on social media chatting and viewing that other essential matters get out of our focus.

So, we often need a break from social media, a so-called “detox,” and this detox is exceptionally beneficial for our health and well-being. If you reduce the time spent on multiple apps, your life quality improves significantly.

And here is why:

Your health improves

This is probably the most important and complex benefit of a detox: your health improves in many aspects. Your sleep normalizes because you stop wasting minutes that you could have used for sleep. This leads to a better state of your eyes and lessens headaches if you have some. Besides, constant doom scrolling, which is also typical of social media users, raises their anxiety – in detox, your nerves will get stronger.

Your FOMO stops bothering you

Another visible effect of spending time on social media is having FOMO – or fear of missing out. This unpleasant thing makes you feel like you have no friends and your life is boring. Believe us, this is not true, and this fear will go away while you are on a detox.

Your mood gets better

We usually do not realize how much social media affects our mood. However, considering all the above-mentioned factors, your mood will become much better if you drop social media for a while.

What to Do Instead

If you find yourself in a position where your dependence on social media is so obvious that you have no idea how to substitute this whole thing, you can find a couple of simple but great things to do below.

  1. Go for a walk

Scientists say that even a 20-minute walk every day affects your health – both physical and mental – in the best way.

  1. Spend time with your friends and family in real life

Remember when the last time you had a beer with your friends or met your family for dinner was? In this charming social media environment, we spend so much time alone and miss out on truthful emotions we get from meetings with our beloved ones in person.

  1. Read a book or catch a movie

Another social media problem is that it has a dreadful impact on reading actual books. If you are waiting for a sign to open a real book that you bought months ago and finally read it – this is it. The same thing is with movies: if you have a list waiting for your attention, it is the perfect moment to watch it all.

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