Top Antidepressant Facts

Unfortunately, more and more people get diagnosed with depression, and this disease has become a problem for everyone: from youngsters to retired people. Luckily, the awareness of this illness grows, and people who suffer from it get much fewer useless recommendations and jokes than before.

Doctors tend to prescribe the relevant medication more than they used to, too. Various antidepressants have proven their efficiency over time and are now widely used all over the world. However, not all patients are aware of essential facts one should know before taking such medication.

So, if you are ever prescribed antidepressants, here are some useful points.

  1. Antidepressants will not work right away

Many patients believe that taking just one pill will make their life better in minutes. Unfortunately, this is not how antidepressants work. They have a cumulative effect, and you will notice it in a term of two weeks at least (usually, it takes from two to six weeks).

  1. You cannot just drop taking antidepressants

We beg you to be careful with this medication. Dropping antidepressants out of the blue is not an option. You will probably face some withdrawal effects, and your health and mind state will get worse. To stop using antidepressants, you have to reduce the dose slowly. Consult your doctor about it and listen to them carefully.

  1. An antidepressant is an everyday pill

You must take your antidepressant every single day; it would be best if you take it at more or less the same time. If you are worried about missing the moment, set an everyday reminder or an alarm on your smartphone.

  1. It might take months before you find the perfect one

Sadly, switching between various antidepressants to make a patient feel better is a common practice. Our brain is a complex structure, and the chance of selecting the proper antidepressant after the first appointment is not that high. So, you should be patient and prepared to try various pills and trace the effects.

  1. There are side effects

Like most pills, antidepressants might have various side effects, and some of them can be harsh: nausea, headaches, insomnia, and so on. If they appear, do not go away and bother you; talk to your doctor about switching the medication.

Our Advice

If you have just received your first prescription for antidepressants, do not worry: you can absolutely live with that. And we have just a couple of recommendations for you to follow.

  • Analyze your mood and physical state

Understanding how you are feeling and how the medication affects you is vital for your treatment.

  • Tell your doctor if anything bothers you

It is essential to describe your problem to a doctor if you have any so that your medication is chosen correctly.

  • Listen to your doctor

This recommendation is essential for you to get well soon.

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