Top Facts About Type 2 Diabetes

People with type 2 diabetes have problems with insulin not being used by their bodies in a correct way. This is a chronic disease, the consequences of which can be very harmful if not treated properly. In general, with type 2 diabetes, your blood sugar increases and causes health problems, including very serious ones, like heart disease.

To prevent that, doctors usually prescribe patients with diabetes some medications, insulin injections, and other treatments. There must also be some lifestyle changes, as healthy habits can seriously help to minimize the effects of type 2 diabetes on your body.

Does Weight Loss Help?

The majority of people who get the type 2 diabetes diagnosis are overweight. That is why doctors recommend losing weight as the first step of the change in your daily habits. Weight loss of even 5-10% of your body mass can lead to lower levels of blood sugar. And you will not need too much medication if it decreases.

What is more, overweight people with type 2 diabetes are also in the risk group for having heart disease. By losing weight, you decrease the chances of getting some heart problems.

Healthy Lifestyle

Many people tend to criticize the promotion of a healthy lifestyle due to its effects not being so visible at first sight. However, doctors highly recommend incorporating healthy habits into the lives of patients with type 2 diabetes.

To prevent any bad consequences caused by the disease and to decrease blood sugar levels, a type 2 diabetic should do the following:

  • Follow a nutritious diet with regularly scheduled meals and no overeating;
  • Have a proper sleep schedule with enough hours to rest;
  • Exercise regularly at least five times a week and include different types of exercises in your training sessions.

Blood Sugar Tests

Tracking blood sugar levels is a major part of life for people with type 2 diabetes. It is necessary to make sure that the level does not increase and does not cause any health problems.

There are several ways a person with diabetes can test their blood sugar. Doctors usually use special blood works that show the standard level of blood sugar for a certain period of time.

To check the blood sugar indicators at home, you can use glucometers. They have a needle that pricks your skin, collects some blood, and shows what blood sugar level you have.

Another option that is more comfortable, yet more expensive as well, is the continuous glucose monitor. It gets attached to your skin, and you can check your blood sugar levels anytime.

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