Top sleep hacks from different countries

Have a hard time going to sleep even when you are exhausted from a long working day? Or maybe your sleep is so restless that you wake up feeling like you have not slept even an hour?

Then you might benefit from reading this article and finding out what people from different cultures do to make sure that their sleep does not get interrupted!

Popular Sleep Traditions Across the World

Many countries have developed their own sleep routines that help them relax before going to bed and thus ensure that their sleeping time will be qualitative and restful! Here are a few of such sleep traditions that different countries are practicing:

  1. China: Foot Soaks and Jujube Fruits

Chinese people love to take themselves a little foot bath before going to bed, as they believe it helps reduce stress levels and relax the limbic system.

All you need to do is simply pour some warm water into your bath and add some soothing products into it, such as Epsom salt or essential oils.

Chinese people also believe that Jujube Fruit can be helpful in getting some quality sleep as well. As they say, Jujube Fruit contains saponins and flavonoids that help you relax and reduce the stress that your body experiences after a long working day.

  1. India: Ashwagandha Herbal Remedy

Indians have always used ashwagandha for different reasons, insomnia included. And because of that, you can still find it to be a common practice in India to use ashwagandha before going to sleep.

A few studies looked at the way ashwagandha helps people in their day-to-day lives, and according to these researches, this herbal remedy helps people to fall asleep faster and have a much better quality of sleep as well.

  1. Sweden: Välling drink and Elk Meat

Swedish people like to soothe their stomachs in order to sleep better, which is why you might also try this method out and see whether or not it works for you.

One such method includes drinking Välling, a beverage containing warm milk and oats. And as the milk is actually given to lots of kids around the world before their nap time, it makes sense that adults might enjoy it too.

Another thing that Swedish people like to eat before their sleep is elk meat. And although it might sound strange, elk meat can actually help you sleep better, as it contains 2 grams of tryptophan amino acid per 100 grams.

And as scientists found out, tryptophan supplementation is indeed helpful for those suffering from bad quality sleep, especially if the amount of this amino acid is over 1 gram.

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