Top 5 Common Skin Illnesses  

Skin illnesses are something that almost all of us share. Whether our problem has a temporary or a chronic basis, almost everyone on this planet will have to deal with some skin problems from time to time.

In this article, you will learn about a few most common skin illnesses and be able to detect them further on. However, all of them definitely need the attention of a doctor!

Skin Problems in Need of Attendance

The variety of skin illnesses that appear on our body is quite wide, but not all of them need to be acknowledged by you right away. However, some of such problems are so common yet not attended to, which is why you might find the following list very helpful:

  • Acne

This is the most common skin illness that all of us have experienced at least once in a lifetime is acne.

Such a skin problem is often located on our face, neck, shoulders, and upper back. The form of acne can vary as well, going from harmless little pimples to painful cysts that will leave scars if not attended by a professional.

  • Blisters

These are one of the most unattended skin problems these days. However, when you are experiencing watery, fluid-filled blisters on your skin, you might need to attend a dermatologist, as such forms of blisters are usually the ones getting blown up and infected inside of their area.

  • Hives

These are a symptom of some allergic reaction, and if they are not dissolving within a short period of time, then you will need to visit a doctor to show them. Hives are usually very itchy red welts, and sometimes it might be painful for you to touch them.

  • Rosacea

This one is not as widespread, but it is a skin illness that is hard to get recognized by a doctor.

Rosacea has two main cycles of fading and relapse, which is why it might be hard to catch a phase that would help your dermatologist to state the disease. Rosacea usually shows itself in the form of flushing, red bumps, and acute skin sensitivity, but there is more than one kind of this disease, which is why speaking to a doctor is a must.

  • Eczema

This is another widespread skin disease that some of you might recognize. This skin problem comes in the form of scaly spots that exfoliate from time to time, and depending on the area of its appearance and your skin type, eczema could be red and itchy or oily and greasy. You might even experience hair loss in the area where eczema took place.

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