All about your waist training

Have you ever seen bloggers or other celebrities using special waist trainers and claiming that this equipment is the tool to achieve the dream waistline? Unfortunately, not everything illustrated in the media is true and has evidence. On the other hand, it is so hard to get the hourglass shape that people are ready to do everything possible.

The problem with waist training is that it requires a full body workout and diet control. Most of us do not want to achieve our dream body with exhausting exercise and are searching for an easier way to do this. That is why these waist training corsets and other similar items became so popular.

If you want to know all the truth about waist training, read this review. Only the facts obtained from real cases and studies will be helpful in waist training.

Myths about the waist trainers

The producers and users of waist trainers provide arguments towards the use of these items. However, specialists argue that some of them are myths.

Let’s have a look at the most common statements of waist trainers promoters and their refutation:

  • Reduced food consumption due to belly compression — the band, located around the belly cannot influence our brains and eliminate the feeling of hunger.
  • Local fat reduction — fat is located in different parts of the body, and it is the normal deposit of our organism. It cannot be removed just in one place where you put the band.
  • Strengthening the core — orthopedic bands are applied after the core is seriously damaged and only with the recommendation of a physical therapist. The core muscles should be strengthened with exercises and posture training.
  • Sweating helps to remove waste inches — sweating is a mechanism when the body tries to cool down. Of course, some calories can be burnt with sweating, but this energy is not taken from fat.

Waist shaping exercises

You should work on defining your waistline using the combination of a healthy diet and core-strengthening workouts. If the former part of this approach is more challenging due to the huge variety of available food, the latter one is easy and fast. You can spend half an hour per day on these exercises and see the result soon. The most important thing is to do sport regularly and control the technique.

The following exercises are helpful in shaping your waistline:

  1. Rise of opposite arm and leg (three sets, ten repetitions);
  2. Bridge with raising the legs one by one (three sets, ten repetitions);
  3. Lunge (three sets, ten repetitions on each leg).

These basic exercises will allow you to define the shapes of your body and make it stronger.

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