Does Eating Fish Cause Cancer

Many nutritionists advise adding fish to your diet because this food has many useful properties. Fish reduces the amount of cholesterol in the blood, normalizes fat metabolism, and increases brain efficiency thanks to omega-3 fats. Nutritionists recommend fish to improve the functioning of the cardiovascular and nervous systems.

It would seem that this food is an ideal option for dieting. However, a group of scientists found out that eating fish can cause a malignant tumor – melanoma. How are fish and skin cancer correlated?

Research in the USA

Researchers have found that frequent consumption of fish in the diet can cause melanoma. This is a serious type of skin cancer, from which more than seven thousand US residents die every year. In 1995, a group of scientists decided to identify the cause of skin cancer and the development of melanoma. In 2010, they provided research results and found several patterns.

Here are the two most significant of them:

  • People who eat fish three times a week have a greater risk of getting cancer than those who eat it once a week.
  • People who eat fried fish are less susceptible to skin diseases.

Incompetence in research

Fish can be cooked in many ways. This food is very nutritious and delicious. Therefore, many fish lovers could be afraid that eating this food could cause melanoma. However, it is too early to conclude because the study had many limitations. Firstly, the scientists made an incorrect sample since 90% of the respondents were white-skinned with an average age of 61 years. For a reliable study, it was necessary to take a representative of different ethnic and age groups. Secondly, scientists could not prove why fried fish was not so harmful.

Lastly, respondents could have made a mistake in submitting information. They could have lied or said something inaccurately.

Other causes of skin cancer

Since mostly white-skinned people participated in the study, another cause of the disease can be identified. Respondents could get about 3-4 sunburns during the year due to their thin skin. These wounds could cause the appearance of melanoma.

Indeed, fish can cause skin cancer, but under one important condition. If the fish contains a large dose of arsenic or quicksilver, it can cause significant harm to the human body. In addition, some people feed on bottom fish, mackerel, sharks, and even eels. The human digestive system is unable to cope with them.

No reason to stop eating fish

The scientists who conducted this study do not advise people to change their lifestyle and diet. They will have to perform research based on such important details as the mercury content in fish and the secondary causes of melanoma.

It is better to eat fish with a low quicksilver content, such as trout, flounder, squid, oysters, and salmon. This choice is much better than harmful seafood and meals with high-fat content.

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