How to lose weight mindfully

Losing weight is not easy — and in the modern world, filled with stresses and temptations, it may seem almost impossible. But that isn’t true — you just need to change your approach to it, making it more mindful. How is it? Keep reading to learn!

Losing weight vs. maintaining it

To lose weight is not enough — it’s important not to regain it afterward. Staying fit in the long term is much harder than simply getting rid of extra kilograms, especially if you do it with fad diets that definitely aren’t healthy. After such diets, people tend to gain even more weight than before. To slim down effectively and stay in shape, you need to treat this task very attentively.

Many people know that the main secret of efficient slimming is to spend more calories than you consume. To maintain your shape, you’ll need to change your lifestyle completely, not just stop eating fast food. Your approach needs to include psychological changes, too.

The main secret to success

Only in modern times have people started to pay attention to the psychological aspects of weight loss and to keep fit afterward. Of course, many of us have heard stories from our friends and relatives about their achievements and failures in this way, but organized studies about it with lots of participants started appearing only recently.

Such studies clearly testify that one of the most vital things is self-regulation. To achieve success in losing weight, you need to monitor your daily activities, the consumption and spending of calories — and, of course, be ready to exercise more. Also, you’ll have to be highly motivated, perseverant, and determined — it just goes without saying.

Keep going!

If you want to stay fit after you’ve lost weight, you’ll need to get used to some discomfort. Unfortunately, it’s inevitable. You’ll need to resist eating high-calorie food, sleep or watch TV instead of doing exercises, skip jogging in the morning, and so on. But you should firmly stay on your path and not give in to these temptations. It won’t be easy since you’ll have to go against the natural reward mechanisms of your brain wired by many centuries of evolution. It makes the mindfulness and the psychological part of losing weight even more important.

You’ll need a completely new approach to this task, not just a cabbage soup diet for a week. Only then will your results last long.

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