Reducing Pollution at Home

Many people are concerned about air pollution outdoors and try to reduce the risks of getting illnesses. However, air at your house can also be harmful to your lungs and other organs because it is interconnected with the outdoor air. Moreover, if you use gas stoves at home, the chance of getting asthma or other lung diseases becomes really high.

Do not hurry to replace your stove with an electric one, and read this review to learn how to protect your family members from the influence of gas stove air pollution.

Childhood Asthma

One of the main irritants causing childhood asthma is nitrogen dioxide. Gas stoves produce this element in a big amount together with airborne particles PM2.5. The combination of these chemical elements was the cause of two million asthma cases among children in 2019 in the world.

Besides, the statistics show that the usage of gas stoves or ovens increases the amount of nitrogen dioxide significantly and creates a higher concentration of these elements. This amount even exceeds the standard allowed for outdoors and makes the children living in houses with gas stoves more exposed to lung diseases.

Even though technological development upgraded the gas provision system, there experiments and studies show that leakages of methane gas produced by the turned-off gas stoves form 76% of the emissions. In addition to the mentioned toxic chemicals, gas systems in the houses produce more harmful elements.

Thus, it is crucial to control the state of your gas stove and know how to decrease the risks of getting lung diseases for your family.

Recommendations on Protection from Gas Stoves Pollution

If you are not ready to rebuild your kitchen and replace gas appliances with electric ones, you have to follow the instruction given below:

  1. Ventilate the kitchen every time you use the gas stove and keep windows open even when the kitchen is not used.
  2. Install exhaust fans which will move the polluted air out of your house. Of course, it will be harmful to the outdoor air, but your family’s health will not suffer from the air pollution at home.
  3. Buy air purifiers but choose them wisely considering the level of air pollution in your house and the sizes of the rooms. Do not forget to change filters regularly so that purifiers work effectively.

If you are ready to take more drastic measures, we recommend you switch to electric kitchen appliances. It is not required to replace your stove — just use an electric kettle, rice cooker, and other types of electric cookers to decrease the number of emissions from gas stoves. Switching from a gas stove to an electric one, give it for recycling.

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