Top Facts About Melasma

Melasma is a change in skin color, which is expressed in the appearance of dark spots on the skin. Basically, this disease is pronounced in women with darker skin color. In fact, this type of pigmentation is not dangerous because it does not threaten health, but most people associate it with negative emotions due to external unattractiveness.

In this article, we will look at several important facts about melasma, including the causes of the disease, ways to prevent it, and methods of treatment.

Causes Of Melasma

Melasma can occur in people with rather dark skin. However, this is not the only prerequisite for its appearance. It is known that melasma is caused by hormonal changes. In particular, pregnancy often becomes one of the causes of skin pigmentation in women. In addition, taking hormonal birth control pills can also lead to dark spots on the skin.

Prevention Of Pigmentation

Despite the fact that the occurrence of melasma is mainly due to genetic predispositions and hormones, you can still reduce the risks of pigmentation. The most effective method is to use sunscreen and avoid sunlight in the middle of the day, especially in summer. Moreover, while it is enough for people who are not prone to pigmentation to avoid direct sunlight, people with melasma should beware even of sunlight that passes through windows.

Regarding sunscreen, you can choose a regular cream with SPF content, a BB cream, or a foundation. These tools will not only help prevent the further development of pigmentation but also allow you to feel more confident by masking already existing pigment spots. The main thing is that the cream has a high level of protection. It is recommended to use SPF 50.

Methods Of Treatment Of Melasma

It is worth noting that, at the moment, there are no drugs that could completely cure melasma.

However, people prone to this type of pigmentation widely used medical products for external use and medical procedures to improve the condition of the skin:

  • Hydroquinone is considered an effective remedy for lightening skin areas, but patients should definitely familiarize themselves with the side effects of this treatment in advance;

  • Tranexamic acid is prescribed to patients with a serious degree of melasma that cannot be prevented with simpler treatments. This is an oral drug that prevents a large production of pigment, which has a positive effect on skin color;

  • Cosmetic procedures such as laser therapy and chemical peeling should be used with caution. Often, they cannot be used during treatment with the mentioned drugs. Moreover, although they have a positive effect, it may be temporary.

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