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Journey of Hearts – A healing place in cyberspace created by a physician who combines medicine, psychiatry, poetry, prose and images to provide resources and support.

A Time to Grieve – Explores the experience of grief after the loss of a parent and offers support, simple suggestions, and a place for sharing memories.

GriefNet – Support services include resource referral, support groups, a library, and memorial web pages. Links to Suicide Prevention and Survivors’ Resources. Rivendell Resources, a charitable corporation.

Death and Dying from – Links for the grieving widow, widower, child, teen and adult. This site is dedicated to the bereaved, the dying and those who care for them. Search the site for all issues about dying, pet loss, memorials, and more.

Grieving the Loss of a Parent – Alexandra, seven tasks and ten steps of recovery, supporting a friend, books, tapes, workshops, and articles.

DearHeaven – Writing to the departed can be very good therapy. This site allows people to send an email into the cosmic consciousness. – Attempts to assist those seeking relief to grief by providing a free one way e-mail address in the name of their deceased loved ones.

Soras Corporation – Providing sympathy, death and dying relief, bereavement gifts, and inspirational messages.

The Forgiveness Web – Reading room, new message boards, links to media, conferences and workshops. On site search engine.

Family Grief Resources – Providing grief resources, articles, recommended reading and support to people coping with the death of a loved one.

Bereaved Parents of the USA – The loss of a child starts an incredibly difficult grief journey. Get help from others further down that road. Local activities (Florida), newsletter, and recommended readings.

Grief Warehouse – Information for bereaved parents, grandparents, and siblings. Brighter Path greeting cards, poetry, creative thoughts, and ideas for remembering a child.

The Sibling Connection – Offers support and resources for adults who lost a sibling during childhood or adolescence, including books, articles, general information, and bibliographies.

Mourning Hearts – A site offering mourning items to be worn by the bereaved as an acknowledgment of a personal loss.

International Association of Childhood Trauma (IACT) – Education and support resources for individuals who have undergone childhood loss resulting in the trauma of parental separation and out of home placement. Information about goals, programs, and workshops, as well as related links.

Hearts Across America – Places healing hearts at locations where tragedies have occurred.

Grief Journey – For people who have experienced a significant loss, and for those who would like to help them. Provides relevant articles and various grief resources.

Children’s Lighthouse Memorial – Memorial built to celebrate the memories and lives of children who have died. Parents can have a cobblestone engraved with their child’s name placed in the foundation of the Edgartown Lighthouse on Martha’s Vineyard.

Grieving Well Center – Downloadable grief, bereavement,inspirational spiritual information, products and training resources for grieving adults, children, families and/or professions, volunteers, loved ones who support them.

Heavens Treasures – Conversations on angels, spirits, death, afterlife, Heaven and spirituality; grief, loss, healing, and moving on. Featured books and articles.

Afterhours Inspirational Stories: Death and Dying – Inspirational story and poem collection about death, dying, and grievance.

Broken Hearts, Living Hope – Offers a free monthly print newsletter for bereaved families, as well as photo albums to display pictures of deceased children.

God’s Special Children – A Christian website to encourage and support parents who have experienced the death of a child. Includes an e-mail support list, Honor Roll, resources, and encouragement page.

The Grief Recovery Institute – Offering information, handbooks, resources, and news to help individuals deal with grief.

Mary M. Wong – Dedicated to assisting those grieving a loved one’s death. Offers teleseminars, workshops, and books.

AARP Grief and Loss Program – Offers information and interactive resources for people grieving a death. AARP offers this free community service to all adults. Searchable database of United States grief and loss programs.

About Good Grief – Inspiring words for times of sorrow: a growing collection of excerpts from the world’s most comforting and inspiring literature, poetry, and art.

Bereavement Self-Help Resources Guide – A road map to over 300 resources for the bereaved and for our caregivers. Sponsored by Bereaved Families of Ontario.

U.S. Hope – A virtual candle for web sites and computer desktops. It is intended to serve as a non-political, non-military, non-religious symbol. Organization which is growing into a larger scale fund-raising initiative.

Bereavement – A Magazine of Hope and Healing – Offers searchable magazine archives, free online support groups, free electronic sympathy cards, free electronic memorials, and a secure catalog.

Grief and Renewal – International site to support people in their journeys of recovery and rebuilding following a loss. Resources, links, bulletin board, and people’s stories of renewal.

At Health Newsletter – Resource links for pregnancy loss, sudden infant death syndrome, and widows’ support.

Open Heart Seminars – John E. Welshons’ workshops, books, and tapes to help heal the grief of the loss of a loved one.

Dr. Virgil Fry – A comfort-giving, hopeful resource for those dealing with serious illnes, those who have lost someone, and those who care for them.

Poems about the Loss of a Child – A collection of poetry by parents and family members about the death of a child.

Crisis, Grief, and Healing – A place for people to find help in healing from loss. The honor page (the first internet memorial site) has over 500 memorials, and continues to put up memorials free of charge.

Grief on – Tips on coping with death and grief. Health ways to grieve.

Center for Loss and Renewal – Dedicated to understanding the process of grief, and its impact on laypeople and professionals. It includes a monthly column, “On the path from loss to renewal.”

Grief and Loss Resource Centre – Deals with the many aspects of grief. From making funeral arrangements to online memorials.

Language of Loss – Offers services and resources including grief seminars, support groups, individual counseling, workshops, and grief education. List of grief resources.

The Comfort Zone – Writings of comfort and inspiration for those who grieve.

Mourning Has Broken – Free online ebook to help deal with grief and mourning, including suicide.

Hope Memorial Site – Dedicated to murdered loved ones; the site includes memorials to victims of murder, and an invitation for contact with survivors.

GriefWeb – A collection of literature and links to help you cope with the loss of a loved one.

Layed Off and Lost After 9-11 – Practical strategies for understanding and coping with the challenges of being layed off as a result of the terrorist attack of 9-11. – Articles, memorials, poetry,and provides a safe haven for bereaved persons to share their grief through discussion forums.

GriefLink – Information resource on death related grief for the community and professionals. Includes coping with grief, helpin the bereaved, resources, education, and specific topics.

The Rainbow – Hope, inspiration,and encouragement in the form of essays, photos and poems for anyone going through grief recovery. There is life after death for those of us left behind. The Rainbow is a symbol of hope and of God’s promises.

Healing Grief – Spiritual resources for people in grief. Invitations to contribute stories about after-death communication, miracles, inspirations, mystical photos. Includes a healing journey, bookstore, tapes, consultations, created by a widow to share with other people in grief.

Hope for Bereaved – Independent, not-for-profit community organization dedicated to providing hope, support and services for the bereaved. Counseling, support services, and books for the grieving.

Something To Share – Compelling and inspirational articles, verses, and quotations dealing with loss, spirituality, and perspective.

eBereavement – Complete resource center for bereavement products, information, and supplies. Grief community, chat discussions, free on-line memorials.

Becoming Eternal – Selections from a book of 365 essays written by a married couple for the one of them who will survive the other’s death.

Dreamseeker Music – Music to aid those dealing with death. Downloadable music. Providing comfort and lifting the spirit of those dying and their loved ones.

Ultimate Loss – Information and support for widows, widowers, and others who suffer grief and are in bereavement over the death of a loved one. Chat, forum, stories, and products.

Whole Heart Creations – Dedicated to the validation of grief. Articles, practical suggestions, insight, and a pin, designed to be worn when there is a loss for words.

Grief Recovery Institute – Personal worshops (US and Canada) for individuals dealing with significant emotional loss. Certificate training for professionals and care givers working with grievers.

Meta-Arts – Inspiration and renewal through art and prayer. Offers spiritual resources, a bereavement support group, and recommended readings.

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