Depression – Mental Health

The term depression is normally used to refer to the common disorder of the human psyche that is characterized by an almost constant state of low and sad moods. Further symptoms of depression include a general loss of interest in all activities including the general and day to day procedures.
Depression, in layman’s language is the diminished ability of an individual to feel any sort of pleasure of happiness. It leads to various depressive periods in which people have often been reported to be in suicidal moods. A manic-depressive is some one who suffers from the bipolar disorder. Patients of the bipolar disorder suffer from various and extreme mood swings. The mood of such a patient changes from euphoria to that of deep depression, and then again to mania. Such an individual is normally hyper active in nature and tends to be extremely euphoric at times. People suffering from depression normally tend to be insomniacs owing to the fact that the need for sleep reduces drastically in depressive episodes.

All people that suffer from depression tend to spend large amounts of money on material goods and other such non useful commodities. These spending habits are often the starting points of various financial problems. It is also believed that people suffering from depression tend to indulge in substance abuse. Any individual who is depressed is generally considered a drug addict. It should however be known that this assumption, at best, is true in only 50 percent of the cases.
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A patient of depression may tend to remain isolated from all people. A typical manic-depressive patient will prefer to remain locked in a room all by himself. An individual suffering from depression may tend to feel sad and guilty about various inconsequential and trivial issues. His low levels of energy and feeling of being worth less also characterize a manic-depressive. The allopathic treatment of the disorder is Prozac, a medicinal drug that helps in rebuilding the lost mental composure and helps in lifting up the mood. Besides Prozac, the real treatment of depression is unending love and care.

Family and friends of a depression patient play a vital role in the treatment of the individual. It should also be known that depression, at times is coupled with ADHD (attention Deficit Hyperactivity Syndrome). This results in total loss of confidence for the patient. A depression patient must be subjected to unquestioned and unending love and care in order to ensure a complete recovery.

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