Health and well being

It is widely known through out the world that a balanced diet is essential for healthy life. It is also known that consuming the right amount of various food groups (and nutrients) is of vital importance in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Despite the wide spread knowledge about health and nutrition, a major question still arises in the mind of every individual who wishes to start consuming a nutritious diet. The fundamental question that arises in every individual’s mind that arises is that out of the numerous eatables that are available in the market, which products should be consumed and which food items should be avoided in order to lead a normal and disease free life.

Amongst the various eatables that are available for consumption, green vegetables are perhaps the most preferred sources of nutrition. Various fruits and vegetables including tomatoes, spinach, coriander, and soy bean are extremely important food items in terms of nutritive value and should thus be included by every individual in his or her diet. Every individual through out the world should ensure that he intakes correct and appropriate quantities of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals in his diet. Besides these vital components, an individual should also incorporate various additional food groups in his diet. Some of these additional foods include fiber, various kinds of salts, and anti oxidants.

Besides the above mentioned groups, an individual should ensure that he drinks good quantity of water through out the day. This ensures that the body receives enough water in order to carry out all metabolic activities. There are various food items that should be avoided partially, and if possible totally, in order to maintain high standards of life. food that are rich in trans-fatty acids (fries, chips, and various other fast foods) should be completely avoided. Also, various food items that increase the cholesterol level in the body should be avoided in totality.

There is a debate that has been ensuing as a result of the vast and diverse eating habits of people world wide. The divide that exists on the basis of food habits across the world is to such an extent that in various countries including the United States of America and Russia, the staple diet is that of meat and other non vegetarian products while in countries like India, the main component of every day food are vegetables. The debate about the superiority of these food groups is one that fore sees no immediate solution.

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