When is the right time to do the tonsillectomy?

Before listing the pros and cons of the tonsillectomy let us see what the tonsils really are.
The tonsils play an important role in defending the organism against the tularaemias. These tissues represent a small part of the immune system and are made of adenoids (situated upper than the roof of the mouth and backwards the nose), the lingual tonsil (situated downwards the tongue) and the two palatine tonsils (situated at each and every side of the roof of the mouth). The tonsils and the adenoids are useful while they function normally. If you frequently suffer of tonsillitis, then the tonsils become a true nidus.

A chronicle tonsillitis is a chronicle inflammatory disease manifested by pains and throat discomfort. It is caused by the hemolytic pathogen beta streptococcus (pointed out by the rising of the antibodies quantity in blood).

The surgery for removing the tonsils was frequently practiced in the past. Now, it is practiced only if a person suffers from tonsillitis more than three times a year, if she has a high value of antibodies in blood and if she bears the streptococcus for a long period of time.

The surgery itself is not a difficult one. It has to be mentioned that the period after the surgery is less painful for a child than for an adult. A child recovers immediately after the surgery, while an adult has intake pains long time after the surgery. Almost everyone thinks that after this kind of surgery, you have to eat a lot of ice-cream so that the healing could be faster. Doctors say it is NOT TRUE. You must consume liquid soft food and drink a lot of liquids.

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