Top Chronic Pains Causes

Everyone experiences aches and pains after injuries, as it is a normal reaction of the body to external influence. Furthermore, pains are caused by our nervous system, which sends signals about injuries or other effects on the body. These signals are important and can save the body from unpleasant factors.

However, if the pain lasts for more than 12 weeks, it can be called chronic pain and has different causes than usual injuries. The most common types of chronic pains are headaches, lower back aches, postsurgical pains, cancer aches, and post-trauma pains. Chronic pains should be treated because, in some cases, they lead to disability.

Here we will provide information on the most common reasons for chronic pains and their possible treatment.

Why People Experience Chronic Pains

There are different types of chronic pains, and they may affect different parts of the body. Of course, it is impossible to identify certain reasons for chronic pain without medical investigation. Pain occurs after an injury, but sometimes people experience aches without prior damage. Some reasons for this are more widespread than others, and here we will talk about them.

  1. Fibromyalgia

It is a medical condition when people start to be more exposed to pain than others. Usually, pain affects muscles and bones and leads to limited mobility and strength. The cause of fibromyalgia can be either physical or mental damage, including stress or virus infection. Fibromyalgia can be recognized by fatigue, memory issues, sleep troubles, and mood changes.

  1. Endometriosis

This female disease is often characterized by cramps and pains during the period and disturbance in the menstruation cycle. This happens because the uterine lining starts to grow outside of the uterine itself. The reasons for this disease are individual.

  1. Chronic fatigue syndrome

This is a medical condition that lasts for more than half of the year. It becomes more severe after physical or mental activity but cannot be reduced with rest. Besides, pains often occur together with this syndrome. Chronic fatigue syndrome cannot be cured but local treatment to particular trigger points can remove pains.

  1. Inflammatory bowel disease

It is a group of different disorders that affect the digestive tract and well-being in general. The most typical symptoms are abdominal pain, bleeding stools, fatigue, and often diarrhea. This disease cannot be cured but symptoms can be eliminated for some period with medication.

  1. Interstitial cystitis

This chronic disease causes such symptoms as bladder pain and pressure and pelvic pain. For half cases, it is cured without treatment but other cases require medical help for symptom effect reduction.

Having chronic pain, a person should identify the original reason for it with a doctor and medical tests. After this, medical treatment is applied based on the preliminary cause and health condition.

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