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eNotalone – Articles, advice, and tips about stress, anger, divorce, marriage problems and conflicts, and breaking up.

Mental Health Matters – Mental health research, alternative treatments for all psychological disorders-research, alternative treatment, emotional support, mental health law, statistics, and professional resources.

John F. Abess, MD – Glossary – Terms in the fields of osychiatry and neurology. Glossary of words. Listed alphabetically.

Mental Health Information and Links – For all mental health conditions, including Guernsey sources of information and support, links for professionals. Self-Help information: anxiety, relaxation, self-esteem, music and drumming, keeping well.

PsychNet-UK – Mental health and psychology information directory. Articles, fact sheets, research sources, job resources and related links. Designed for professionals, students, and the layperson.

Mental Health Resources – Resources on abuse/domestic violence, anger control, adolescents, couple therapy, parenting, step-family, divorce, and gay/lesbian issues.

SAMHSA Knowledge Exchange Network – The Center for Mental Health Services. A component of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Mental Help Net – A guide to mental health online, featuring over 9,000 reviewed resources. Covers topics in self-help, psychology, psychiatry and social work.

Help Resources at The Zero – A searchable database of agencies, articles, websites and information about child abuse, domestic violence, mental health, health care, animal welfare.

Beyond Madness – Webring was created to bring together sites that deal with various forms of mental illness and mental health in general. Includes topics such as depression, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, anxiety, and panic disorder.

Online Dictionary of Mental Health – A global information resource and research tool that covers all of the disciplines contributing to our understanding of mental health. There are no definitions – instead there are links to sites offering different viewpoints on issues in mental health. The Centre for Psychotherapeutic Studies, University of Sheffield.

And So It Goes: Mental Health – A compilation of mental health links on topics such as addictions and recovery, anxiety disorder, attention deficit disorder, and bipolar illness/manic depression.

United Kingdom Mental Health Resource Center – Providing directories, resources and data about mental illness and health in the United Kingdom, in areas such as: depression, stress, anxiety, suicide, and other psychiatric disorders.

Dalesio and Associates, Inc. – Rehabilitation and recovery. Developmental disabilities and mental health help. Links to a variety of mental health sites.

Crisis Services – Listing of community services to those in crisis or in need of any resource information. Also provides volunteer opportunities.

Therapeutic Resources – Provides easy to use, time saving and effective educational products and links to assist in the development of life skills and personal development.

Healing Resources Web Pages – A guide to healing resources on the Net.

Dr. John Grohol’s Mental Health Page (Psych Central) – A reference guide to newsgroups, support sites, and mental health issues online, from a psychologist, author, mental health educator, and patient advocate.

Psychological Tips – Offers users free access to a few guru approved tips and links related to psychological disorder information.

Mind Publications – Offers self help articles on mental health issues and alternative medicine.

Shrink Tank – A collection of links and bulletin board systems from all over the USA, including a vast collection of psychology/mental health oriented text files. Free.

Self Help Magazine – An educational publication written by mental health professionals for discussion of general psychology as applied to everyday lives. Topics include: addictions, aging, parenting, family, depression, anxiety, health and spirituality, loss and bereavement, relationships, sexuality, trauma.

Wellplace – Resource for professionals and consumers on mental health, drug and alcohol addiction, behavioral health, depression, family/parenting, anxiety, and stress. Offering news, articles, assessment tools, chats, and forums.

Enpsychlopedia – A search engine of nearly 40,000 related mental health and psychology Internet resources.

PsycWorld Univers-ity Mental Health Surfboard – Provides annotated links to educational sites in mental health, self-help sites, psychopharmocology, forums and journals.

Hardin MD: Psychiatry and Mental Health – From the University of Iowa, lists of Internet sources in psychiatry, mental health, and psychotherapy.

Fast Health – Links on mental health.

As A Man Thinketh, So Is He – Information on creating reality with thought process and belief systems. Links, articles, affirmations, and recommended books.

Mental Health Search – Search a variety of mental health sites on the Net from this single page. From

SupportPilot – Medical and Psychosocial Support alliance. Resources for individuals with chronic mental or medical illnesses. Tips, information and links classified by disease/disorder.

Mental Health Sanctuary – The online resource for patients, families and professionals in mental health. Articles, resources, chats, bulletin boards and support regarding a variety of mental health disorders.

Recovery Resources Online – A comprehensive directory of over 2000 resources for mental health, eating disorders, alcoholism and addiction, bipolar, schizophrenia and recovery links.

International Society for Mental Health Online – The international Internet mental health organization for professionals and consumers.

Jerry’s Mental Health Resources – Links to general and specific psychiatric disorders, relevant issues, controversies, treatments, psychotropics, commitment laws, forensics, research, advocacy.

Personal Solutions – On-line mental health, family, and marriage counseling services with licensed psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, and social workers. Includes therapist directory, office and telephone appointment scheduling, and email therapy.

Project Atlas – World Health Organization – Mental health resources for all countries. It allows one to generate country profiles and maps, diagrams, tables on psychiatric services, mental health care facilities, number of psychiatrists and other mental health professionals, therapeutic drugs, mental health programmes, mental health policies and mental health legislation among many other variables.